When Jesus called His disciples, He didn’t call them with stipulations, He called them as they were while doing what they loved doing. We want you to also feel free to come just as you are.


The Gospel has set us free and changed our lives. Our situations, circumstances, and feelings don’t dictate our future and spiritual reality. Therefore, we will live with a smile on our face and excitement in our heart for all that’s to come.


No one likes drama. To live a drama filled life is to not live the life Jesus called us to live. We will handle personal differences in a biblical manner – not gossiping and tearing others down but building each other up.


We believe that Jesus is coming back and we want to reach as many people with the Gospel before He does. This means that we are going to make decisions as fast as possible so that we can do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.


It is impossible to do everything. We are going to be simple in our approach to spreading the Gospel. The simplicity of our approach of sharing the Gospel will be the very thing that makes our method reproducible.


We will be passionate in our engagement with God and His Word. Whether in our singing or in our hearing of God’s Word we will affirm Truth, clap at God’s faithfulness, raise our hands in surrender, and voice our affection for Jesus.


We will do whatever it takes to reach our community in a way that they will hear it. As of now, the greatest way we can impact our community by the masses is through social media (particularly Facebook and Instagram) and through continually changing worship music.